If you want to carry out an engineering project efficiently, you need good project management. But what is the best way to combine project planning with basic and detail engineering? In addition to good allocation of the individual project participants, effective data management is also important. Integrated software solutions offer enormously increased effectiveness through standardized processes.

When PDM software is integrated into the rest of the company's processes, the result is effective data management that significantly reduces administrative overhead.

After a lot of energy has gone into analyzing and optimizing the company's processes, a part of process optimization that is often neglected is next: Process documentation.
But this task is much more important than one might think. Good process documentation not only visualizes the current workflows in a company, it is also the foundation for the continuous further development of business processes. Only lived processes are also optimal processes.

Several steps must be taken into account on the way to successful digitization. After the existing business processes have been analyzed in detail, their optimization is now on the agenda. This is an important step for successful digitization. Someone who comes into contact with the individual processes on a daily basis is able to provide good input for improvements.

There is great competition in plant engineering worldwide. Plant design offers a lot of potential for optimized processes. Naturalized workflows and tools are no longer up to date and pose ever greater problems for companies. Progressive digitalization does not stop at plant planning and is spreading in leaps and bounds. But what does digitization mean for your processes and your company?