Digitization of your business processes

AXAVIAseries' comprehensive range of services enables efficient operation, regardless of the size and performance of your company. High flexibility in customization and a fair price-performance ratio make AXAVIAseries a strong partner.

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Modular ERP Software

AXAVIAseries is a modern, fast, intuitive and adaptable ERP software that optimizes your processes thanks to the networking of all company areas with a single solution. AXAVIAseries manages all data and information so that every project flow is optimized end-to-end. The software is a universal tool for those internal as well as external employees who are involved in the business processes of a company. It supports all areas of a company, sales as well as development, service and assembly.

Integrates many established systems

The software is exceptionally powerful due to its object-oriented design. The AXAVIAseries web portal ensures maximum utilization of existing resources. The use of state-of-the-art technologies also ensures maximum investment security for the future.
The strategic approach of using market standards on the one hand - such as Microsoft, Autodesk as well as SAP - and building on the web-based technologies on the other hand, makes AXAVIAseries a business solution that keeps setting new trends.

Numerous possibilities

The modular structure of the software creates several advantages. On the one hand, the customer can select the modules and functions he needs to cover his processes. On the other hand, this gives him the freedom to expand the software step by step.
In addition to modules for organization and time recording (ECM), for strengthening customer relationships (CRM), for document management (DMS), for enterprise resource planning (ERP) or for project organization (PM), industry-specific applications are also available.
For technically oriented companies (plant engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.) AXAVIAseries offers special modules such as the engineering database (EDB), production planning (PPS) or maintenance and repair (PLM). Additional plug-ins like the viewer Oracle AutoVue, the Microsoft Office applications or CAD software like AutoCAD support you in your daily work.

About AXAVIA Austria

AXAVIA Software GmbH has been developing and distributing AXAVIAseries, an innovative and extraordinarily versatile business software, since its founding year in 2002. This solution considerably simplifies project handling and all relevant daily work in companies. It networks all areas and enables those involved - including suppliers and customers - to work effectively and successfully.
The AXAVIA team bundles its accumulated competencies in its work for customers and designs project worlds based on years of experience and knowledge of the requirements of markets and customers.