The rapid conversion of numerous companies to home offices in the wake of the corona pandemic now makes it essential to digitize business processes. But what does this mean for your company in concrete terms?

The days when document management software (DMS) served as a pure archive are long gone. Today, modern DMS systems offer many functions that support collaboration.

Anyone looking for document management software (DMS software) often asks themselves which functions should absolutely be included.
In addition to a pure digital archive, most providers offer many other functions for handling digital documents.

A unique feature in plant engineering is the extreme flood of documents. From engineering to commissioning, an almost unmanageable mountain of files is created. With a multitude of revisions and complex approval processes, which also extend beyond company boundaries, managing them is a real challenge. Especially for large projects, companies need tools that can master this challenge.

Parts lists, valve lists, component lists, etc. (technical documentation) are a decisive factor for a successful engineering project. Therefore, BOM management takes a central part of an engineering project. From the engineer, to the project manager, to procurement, almost everyone involved in the project works with one or more BOMs (as well as material or component lists). Technical documentation is a central part of an engineering project.