Time tracking software: Fast, easy & as flexible as your working time

Are you still writing timesheets or spending a lot of time carefully entering your working hours in Excel? This should be a thing of the past, because thanks to modern software-based time recording systems there are far more efficient solutions to record working times quickly, flexibly and also accurately. Furthermore, the increasing flexibility of working hours makes time recording systems like AXAVIA's indispensable.

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Trend toward flexible working hours

The flexibilization of working hours continues to progress in 2019. This trend is also reflected in the recent amendment of the Working Hours Act in Austria. Highly qualified employees in particular prefer employers who offer the opportunity to take their own needs into account when it comes to working hours and thus realize a good work-life balance. Keeping track of the working hours of all employees is a major challenge for companies and is simply no longer possible without a software-based time recording system.

Software-based time recording systems save time and nerves

So that employees do not have to struggle unnecessarily with the time-consuming recording of working hours, absences, vacation days and sick leave, time recording systems like AXAVIAtime, offer uncomplicated and efficient solutions. With just one click you can stop your working hours live. Relevant information such as overtime and remaining vacation is automatically evaluated by the time recording software. Subsequently, the recorded times can be transmitted directly to payroll accounting.

Record working times from any location using all end devices

No matter if you are in the office, at the customer's or in the home office, AXAVIAtime offers the possibility to make time recording entries on the go. So you can conveniently record your working times via Windows desktop, web, app or terminal. You decide which solution suits you best.

Effortlessly record project times and bill them directly

With AXAVIA's time tracking tool you can not only record your worked hours quickly and easily, but also effortlessly assign them to customers and projects. Consequently, projects can be calculated, billed and recalculated exactly and you can see at a click whether your projects are economically successful. In addition, travel and expense accounting provide the necessary cost transparency. The highlight: All recorded working times can be directly transferred to the payroll accounting and invoiced to the customer.