Success through digitization

Digital transformation has opened up unimagined opportunities for the business world. Nevertheless, companies still face major challenges, such as the cross-divisional networking of data.

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Networking all areas of the company as the cornerstone of digital transformation

Whereas in the 1980s a design engineer still worked with ink on a drawing board, in the age of digitization a single click on the computer is often all that is needed. Despite the enormous progress, some challenges of the digital transformation still cause headaches for companies. To successfully overcome them, it takes software companies like AXAVIA, among others. "Our modern, fast and adaptable business software makes it possible to interconnect all business areas with a single solution and thus significantly optimize business processes," explains CEO Walter Burgstaller. The main advantage of AXAVIAseries is that the software supports all areas of a company, sales as well as development, service or assembly. Used construction parts, for example, are automatically recorded in a parts list and can be passed on from CAD to purchasing at the push of a button.

Create transparency

Another cornerstone of digitalization is transparency. Exactly this is created by ERP systems like AXAVIAseries. If customer service is contacted, they can see at a glance when the last order or delivery took place or whether the goods have already been paid for. This considerably promotes cooperation between the departments and trains them to look beyond their own specialist horizons. In addition, the internal transparency provides new impulses within the company. In order to exclude possible discomfort among managers or employees, AXAVIAseries can assign various access rights. Thanks to a uniform software solution a sophisticated rights management is relatively easy to implement.

Step by step to digital transformation

"The modular structure of our software enables our customers to decide specifically which functions and modules they need for their company. A major advantage here is that the software can also be introduced and expanded into the company step by step," explains Walter Burgstaller. In addition to modules for organization and time recording (ECM), for strengthening customer relationships (CRM), for document management (DMS), for enterprise resource planning (ERP) or for project organization (PM), industry-specific solutions are also available. For technically oriented companies, such as plant and machine manufacturers, AXAVIAseries offers special modules such as the engineering database (EDB), production planning (PPS) or maintenance and repair (PLM). Various interfaces to Microsoft, Autodesk as well as SAP round off AXAVIAseries' extensive range of services.