Process optimization in plant planning: Step 2 to digitization

Several steps must be taken into account on the way to successful digitization. After the existing business processes have been analyzed in detail, their optimization is now on the agenda. This is an important step for successful digitization. Someone who comes into contact with the individual processes on a daily basis is able to provide good input for improvements.

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Interpret analysis results correctly

In order to achieve the best results when optimizing business processes, the analysis results must be interpreted correctly.
If, for example, it turns out that errors frequently occur when data is passed on from project management to the designers, measures must be taken to optimize this process. This can look like managing the data from both parties in a single system. This not only digitizes the data transfer, but also automates it. At the same time, integration of the engineering data into the business processes is helpful in optimizing data forwarding to procurement, or other business units.

Define target processes

In this way, you can gradually define your target processes and harmonize the individual business areas. In this step, the integration of employees is very helpful. Someone who comes into contact with the individual processes on a daily basis is able to provide good input for improvements. At the same time, one increases the acceptance of conversions or innovations. After all, the optimized processes must function and be lived in practice.

Integrate and digitize

Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Big Data, digitalization and all these terms point the way to the future for industry. The question entrepreneurs ask themselves is: "How can I best use these new technologies for myself and what measures do I need to take?"
To answer this question, it requires a detailed analysis of the existing business processes and the business environment. Here, every company works differently and this must be taken into account when optimizing processes.
In order to use the full range of new technologies, it is important to integrate all produced data into one system. It doesn't matter whether they are entered manually, come from machines or are merged from different software solutions. This means, for example, that parts lists can be generated from engineering data at the push of a button. They are automatically completed with stored catalogs and prepared individually for each department. Sources of error are reduced, the process is accelerated and added value is increased.

Process optimization as another important step towards successful digitization

To successfully digitize processes, many building blocks must be taken into account. After a comprehensive analysis comes the process optimization. New technologies are taken into account with the aim of integrating, automating and digitizing processes.