2002 – The founding year of AXAVIA Software GmbH. A new era for consistently calculative companies.

AXAVIA Software GmbH develops and distributes an innovative and extremely versatile project organization software.
This software solution considerably simplifies project management in companies. It links all areas and facilitated the participants – and therefore suppliers and customers – an effective and successful work.
In their work for the customer’s, the AXAVIA team focus their accumulated expertise and project design worlds that are based on years of experience and knowledge; to meet the demands of markets and customers.
The goal of AXAVIA Software GmbH: To provide the user with comfort, a clear view and effectiveness in an increasingly complex everyday project work, based on years of experience.

The goal of AXAVIA

  • Clear application paths
  • Quick availability of information
  • Compatibility with existing IT systems
  • Adaptation to customer needs
  • Personal consulting, planning and Monitoring

This results in:

  • Increased competitiveness by accelerating projects
  • An organized, uniform project structure
  • Satisfied employees
  • Decreasing process costs


AXAVIA sets the development of products using cutting edge technology and tools with .XML and . NET as standard. The base is above all the Microsoft platform, which has established itself as the quasi-standard in the industry.

Building upon the the SQL database and an object-oriented distributed system architecture; the respective business logic is mapped. With the AXAVIA-own development tools, the standard product is adapted to the corresponding processes of customers.

As the surface there is on the one hand the tried and tested Windows application. This can also be used for a terminal server or CITRIX application. On the other hand, the information is accessible worldwide at any time over an Internet web interface.
Through the web portal, an information transfer is made possible far beyond the corporate boundaries. Thus, customers and suppliers can be integrated into the processes, independent of time and location.

The AXAVIA Content Connectors create connections to systems like SAP or AutoCAD. Thus AXAVIAseries becomes integration platform for the company.
AXAVIA provides the necessary scalability and flexibility to cover the different needs from small companies to large corporations.