voestalpine Foundry Linz GmbH

Voestalpine Foundry made an interesting request to AXAVIA. The complete handling of business via AXAVIAseries in the WEB. As the company voestalpine Giesserei Linz GmbH is a world leader in the production of high quality steel castings for turbine, compressor and machine construction, it needs a location independent platform to communicate and work. The involvement of suppliers in the processes is of enormous importance. The direct integration is guaranteed in the WEB platform.

In the following, some sections in the course of the project at voestalpine Giesserei Linz GmbH are presented:

When placing an order, the supplier receives information about a service to be provided and can either decline or accept and announce his offer directly. The management of requests is taken care of and documented. The suppliers' offers are entered in a standardized way and summarized to the purchasing department in an overview. In case of changes, these are also processed and documented.

The supplier receives the purchase order and all documents for an order only via the platform. The order can be changed there by both purchasing and the supplier until all details have been negotiated and fixed. Tracking of changes (revisions) is guaranteed.
When scheduling projects, voestalpine Giesserei Linz GmbH (VAGL) plans the external processing of castings in SAP. Each supplier only has access to the orders that are permanently ordered from him. He receives the processing dates currently planned by VAGL. The processing list also shows the actual duration from the start of processing. The supplier can thus immediately see the effect of the additional time he requires for processing on subsequent orders.

In the event of deviations, the supplier is requested by the system to report his deviations (incorrect machining, casting errors, drawing and specification ambiguities), which occur during machining, in a standardized manner via the platform in the "Non conformance report".

The suppliers and the logistics department must document defined messages (times, photos, documents). In the reporting function, suppliers are to report completed substeps. Logistics must report the pickup and delivery of the piece, as well as provide documentation for transport in the system.

This provides VAGL with a tool that enables early detection of deviations and changes in lead times. This enables appropriate countermeasures to be taken in good time. The platform monitors compliance with deadlines and sends e-mail warnings to purchasing and suppliers if the supplier is in default. Logistics can thus be checked for proper delivery times. The collected data is displayed graphically and is exported to Excel.

The logistics service provider receives an advance notification from Purchasing via the platform before the actual start date of the external processing, so that it can organize the transport in good time. If the parts or the product are ready for pickup, this is indicated to the logistics service provider in the advance notification by specifying the "ready for pickup" date and can be carried out.

The function of evaluation, the VAGL employee can do basically 3 tasks. He can determine where an order is physically located. It is possible to start standardized, recurring evaluations manually at any time and to export all data to Excel in order to be able to make additional manual evaluations there.

This short description shows how easily orders are processed with AXAVIAseries. The clear prompts of the input, the standardized evaluations and overviews provide the needed information at a glance. Working independent of location and time and the access to shared documents simplifies the daily routine of customer and supplier relations.Customer Opinion:
We are extremely satisfied with the product AXAVIAseries and from the courteous support of AXAVIA. AXAVIAseries is easy to use and represents a very good area solution.