Hawle Armaturen GmbH

Digital instead of analog: The new world of Hawle.

A decisive step: the entire technical production support of the valve manufacturer Hawle has been converted from traditional file culture to digital management. The tools: AXAVIA engineering database and Cimatron CAD software.

AXAVIA's PDM software is a tool for managing mechanical
mechanical assemblies and components. When the CAD models are created, product management data is automatically built up in a structured form and assemblies, components and drawings are managed. The software used for this purpose comes from Cimatron. One of the most successful CAD/CAM manufacturers worldwide. Cimatron cooperates with AXAVIA mainly in projects where data management systems are introduced that can be used across products in other CAD/CAM environments.

New: The paperless perspective
One of the successful users of this collaboration is Hawle Armaturen GmbH. Hawle is a globally active company that is characterized by a high level of quality awareness and consistent customer orientation. This high level of quality is based not least on the decision to manufacture solely in Germany.

The good contact between Hawle and AXAVIA has its origin in a friendly trade fair encounter, which soon developed into an intensive cooperation. Until then, Hawle was only able to manage the development and production of its comprehensive product range in an analog way. With classic and confusing lists, folders and index cards. This was to be changed fundamentally and forever in the future.

Digital is faster more up-to-date
The decision for a paperless organization was initially expected to result in considerable savings, especially in construction. Then not only the good, personal contact but especially the adaptability of the program to the needs of the Hawle company spoke in favor of the cooperation with AXAVIA.

After the design department was able to switch to digital document management with great success, more and more Hawle departments became convinced of the benefits of rapid access to the countless generations of drawings, regulations and standards. All key departments subsequently benefited from the switch to digital data management. Design, assembly, manufacturing, incoming goods inspection and costing.

The notification practice is also one of the beneficiaries of the changeover. If conditions and regulations change, those affected are now automatically notified. Read and write access is now also subject to strict automatic control.
control. All this is also done in direct coordination with the external production in Fürstenwalde. The exclusively used tunneled data line ensures a fast and well-protected connection.

Programming in your own hands
At Hawle, they enjoy above all the problem-free adaptability of the program to their own requirements. Hawle employees trained in AXAVIA workshops manage the necessary programming tasks on their own. External help is not necessary.

The bottom line is that Hawle also appreciates the quick help of the competent AXAVIA staff. Thus, the basis of this sustainable cooperation is a good, collegial collaboration, which also benefits from the special AXAVIA perspective on Hawle