Hawle Armaturen GmbH

Digital replaces analogue: The new world of Hawle.

A crucial step: The entire technical production support department of fittings manufacturer Hawle migrated from a traditional index card system to digital management. Tools used: AXAVIA engineering database and CAD program Cimatron

The PDM software by AXAVIA is a tool for managing mechanical components and parts. When CAD models are created, the software automatically creates organised product management data and manages components, parts and drawings. The software involved is developed by Cimatron, one of the most successful CAD/CAM vendors in the world. Cimatron cooperates with AXAVIA primarily on projects involving the introduction of data management systems that support full product ranges and can also be used in other CAD/CAM environments.

New: The paperless perspective

One of the most successful beneficiaries of this cooperation is Hawle Armaturen GmbH. Hawle is a globally active company that stands out for high quality consciousness and strong focus on customer needs. An important foundation for this high quality standard was the decision to keep production exclusively within Germany.

The good relations between Hawle and AXAVIA began with a friendly meeting at a trade fair, which quickly developed into intensive collaboration. Prior to this, Hawle had been managing the development and production of its extensive product range in purely analogue form, using classical, chaotic lists, folders and index cards. This had to change – radically and forever.

Faster digital updates

Their primary concern was to achieve major savings through paperless organisation in the design department. The pros for working together with AXAVIA included not only their good, personal contact but also, and above all, the adaptability of the program to the needs of the company Hawle.

Following the great success of the design department’s migration to digital document management, each of the other Hawle departments in turn were impressed by the advantages of fast access to countless generations of drawings, regulations and standards. All major departments have since benefitted from the migration to digital data management: drafting, assembly, manufacture, incoming goods inspection and modelling.

Notification practices have also benefitted from the migration. Whenever conditions and regulations change, all parties concerned are automatically notified. Even read/write access is now subject to strict automatic control. And this all in direct agreement with external production in Fürstenwalde. An exclusive, tunnelled data line is used to make a fast, highly secure connection.

Independent programming

Those at Hawle appreciate above all the easy adaptability of the program to in-house needs. Trained in AXAVIA workshops, the Hawle employees accomplish the necessary programming tasks independently. No external help is required.

Finally, everyone at Hawle enjoys prompt support from the competent AXAVIA employees. Accordingly, the basis of this lasting cooperation is the good, collegial collaboration, which also benefits from AXAVIA’s special insight into the projects at Hawle.