H&R has all the technical data in view

Customer: Hansen & Rosenthal GmbH & Co. KG

Industry: Development and production of crude oil-based specialty chemical-pharmaceutical products

Central software tools from AXAVIA:

  • DMS - Document Management

800 products, 100 customers, two refineries - and one system

In 2012 AXAVIA was introduced as a technical documentation system at H&R. Thus, for the first time almost innumerable technical data from diverse databases, tables and SAP applications could be united in a common data system. A considerable relief for the management, employees and contractual partners.
H&R AG, a listed company in the specialty chemicals sector, is internationally active in the development and manufacture of specialty chemical and pharmaceutical products based on crude oil and in the production of precision plastic parts. The company was founded in 1919.
From a by-product of crude oil distillation, H&R uses intelligent processes at its two domestic refineries in Hamburg and Salzbergen to produce more than 800 innovative, environmentally friendly and high-quality products such as plasticizers, white oils and kerosenes. H&R occupies leading market positions in the individual product areas.

Significantly more flexibility and thus less effort

The arguments for AXAVIA still convince the company and the employees every day. The biggest advantage: The system has the ability to adapt to the reality of the company. And this in clear contrast to others, which with predefined structures require an adaptation of the company itself. No less important is the financial argument: An AXAVIA corporate license was booked for the entire company and its locations so that it can make use of the comprehensive portfolio at any time without additional costs. An option which is intensively used by H&R.

The informal center of the company

The wealth of AXAVIA applications at H&R is impressive. With the central provision of documents, data and many other functionalities more and more departments are supported in informal daily business.

A system that serves as both an informal focal point and an organizational framework:

  • A technical documentation system
  • The document management (almost all drawings and documents are linked/assigned to the plants and functional locations).
  • A fault message logging system for maintenance. (15,400 messages have been set so far)
  • The work preparation (more than 16,000 work orders to date)
  • The magazine article specification and inventory data display (with specification for 32,000 articles)
  • The parts list management for the functional locations (8100 parts lists with 70,000 items)
  • The material and requisition (32,000 requisition items)
  • The project recording for maintenance work orders (990 projects with a total of 3300 work orders have been recorded).
  • Basic data and report preparation for the introduction and operation of an energy management system according to ISO 50001 with successful certification by TÜV

The employees work with

AXAVIA was originally established as a purely technical documentation system. In this system it was now possible for the first time to put all technical data and tables on a common basis and to assign them to the plants and products. In addition to this, H&R was able to configure an interface to Oracle on its own. In addition, the company enjoys the advantage of being able to configure many property fields in forms itself when integrating the technical data. This means that employees who were familiar with certain processes and forms do not have to get used to completely new display structures. Furthermore, new options could always be integrated without any problems. These advantages have noticeably improved the acceptance among employees. Thus, more than 300 employees use AXAVIA, 200 regularly work with the system - a result the company is quite proud of.

AXAVIA in the design process

AXAVIA is used at H&R not only to organize the almost innumerable documents, but also as the basis of the design process. In these companies the design of new plants is often based on the use of already existing parts. Thus, reliable information is available to the engineers in advance, which ideally only has to be reconfigured.

Contractors on board

With AXAVIA, however, not only the two locations Hamburg and Salzbergen are centrally managed, but also the high number of contractual partners (contractors) who use this comfortable and reliable data basis up to labor and payroll accounting. The basis of this close cooperation is always the extensive and complete core data, which is identical in all systems.