Prause Holzbauplanung switches to ERP system from AXAVIA

Client: Prause Holzbauplanung

Industry: Wood construction

Central software tools from AXAVIA:

  • Time recording incl. vacation planning & sick leave
  • Sales Organization
  • Address management
  • Project Management
  • Order processing

Thoughtful timber construction projects

Two decades of international experience in timber construction projects makes Prause Holzbauplanung a sought-after partner for timber house design. From garden houses to single-family homes to multi-story commercial properties, Prause ensures a smooth timber construction project. With structural calculations and 3D designs of wooden buildings, the company ensures that the practical aspects of feasibility are always kept firmly in mind. In this context, well thought-out and consistent software, such as that from Axavia, is indispensable.

One software for every company size

As a service provider and in association work, Prause wants to help shape and further advance timber construction, especially in Germany. The rapidly increasing size of the company meant that the old ERP system had had its day. Due to the exhaustion of software capacities a new ERP solution was needed. With AXAVIAseries Prause Holzbauplanung decided on a well thought-out and integrated software solution that optimally supports the company's daily workflows. The numerous, smoothly handled construction projects since then confirm the success. Furthermore, the required licenses and modules of AXAVIAseries are continuously expandable. Thus, the software can be optimally adapted to the size of the company in every phase.

Numerous configuration options with AXAVIAseries

Especially the openness of AXAVIAseries and the possibility of independent customization without external programming impressed the managing directors of Prause Holzbauplanung and made the decision for AXAVIAseries easy. At Prause Holzbauplanung numerous modules and features of AXAVIAseries are used by now. From time recording to sales organization to the administration of addresses, appointments and emails everything is included. The employees of Prause Holzbauplanung find the cross-departmental workflows between project management and order processing particularly advantageous. This makes it easy to process and check orders, including quotations and invoicing. Invoicing according to recorded times and post-calculation are also facilitated by AXAVIAseries. Moreover, Prause Holzbauplanung is already planning an extension of the features used. For example, document management is to be handled via AXAVIAseries in the future.

"The software offers numerous configuration options and can be adapted exactly to our specific requirements. This is demonstrated by our workflow for supplements implemented in AXAVIAseries."

Johannes Prause-Laukamp, Managing Director of Prause Holzbauplanung

All economic data in one place

A big advantage of AXAVIAseries is that several programs and lists are combined in one program. Prause Holzbauplanung benefits in particular from the fact that all economic data is digitally located in one central place with flexible filter options and output possibilities. The administration of numerous Excel lists and software programs has thus long been superfluous. AXAVIAseries therefore not only saves a lot of time but also costs. All in all, AXAVIAseries is perceived by Prause Holzbauplanung as an open software with an extensive object library for company-specific adaptations.