Schulz & Partner GmbH

Schulz + Partner GmbH has taken the treatment and regeneration of process fluids to task. As a competent and experienced system supplier, the company develops individual and customized solutions. Schulz + Partner GmbH designs, plans, implements and maintains complete plant and process steps, as well as individual components in the field of thermal engineering.

Process Simulation – supplemented by laboratory tests in their own in-house laboratory and pilot plant – form the foundation for the safe and optimal design of the plants. Continuous development and innovation of new technologies continue to ensure compliance with the stringent requirements of customers regarding cost-effectiveness and operational reliability.

The company Schulz + Partner GmbH has tremendous quality standards to be able to deliver selected products to their customers. To make this possible, the basis for the daily activities within the company must have a firm and clearly arranged organization. With the project planning software of AXAVIA, the everyday business of the time recording and attendance, quotations, order processing, through to the planning of plants is running on an integrated platform.

Schulz + Partner GmbH developed their designs and plans in AutoCAD and MicroStation. Connected through an interface with AXAVIAseries, the planners directly access the engineering database.

The engineering database is like a library with a wealth of knowledge. The different areas offer Schulz + Partner GmbH structured work. The library contains components and symbols for pumps, valves, tanks, etc. for process-, automation- and electrical technologies, mechanical and construction that meet the global standards and thus makes an international act without additional effort.

The scheduled AutoCAD technician selects the required components and inserts it into the drawing. The data of the objects in the drawing are listed directly in the project folder and given a specification in which the constructor documents its parameters and requirements. In the drawing, the components are automatically provided with the standardized labeling and assume its properties from the specification. Title blocks of the drawings are automatically filled and revisions are synchronized with the product structure. Here, just once-off documentation is necessary for the technician. There are no transmission errors, the changes are managed in document management and are traceable at any time.

This data in the project folder AXAVIAseries is summarized into reports as required and provides the perfect foundation for the next steps. Lists are for example generated with order specifications for purchasing so that all fulfilled criteria are uninterruptedly met for quotation enquiries.

These reports are compiled for each step – corresponding to the work progress. Bill of Materials for the goods receipt, date lists for the timely ordering and delivery, etc. Schulz + Partner GmbH uses these for requisitions, purchase orders, order processing, and integrates the engineering database support in their successful daily project work.