The production process of performance

The demands on manufacturing companies of the Western European market are getting higher. On the other hand one can feel the pressure for quality from the demanding customers, on the other the cheap cost pressures of manufacturing companies outside the European region. Success follows for all those companies that were able to develop a stable market by individual precision manufacturing. The AUSTREX credo sums it up: “No challenge is too large, no project too special, no task too complicated.”

Metal-to-measure and in series

In mechanical processing, AUSTREX has specialized in the development and production of customized items and series, from high precision milling parts, to demanding weldments, sheet metal processing and forging parts for energy and nuclear technology. In this company, the unusual is as everyday life as the design and production of highly precise metal elements.

This specialization at a high level has secured the Austrian company stable customer relationships with leading companies at home and abroad. Partnerships based on the one hand on an exceptional level of quality on the other hand, the delivery of unusual constructions. But it is not enough to only comply with good and very good to meet the growing customer demands, it is also important to see the trends, to anticipate opportunities and to act appropriately.

Work Flows for All

To Erwin Burgstaller, engineer, businessman and manager of the company, it became clear that with the traditional corporate bureaucracy that dynamic development is hard to realize long-term. The processes are too complex to control and unwind with conventional tools. He was looking for a solution that supports the entire work flow – and this in an environment that is also spontaneously tradable for beginners. With the AXAVIA software system he found what he was looking for. From the variety of modules he chose the one that could help him and his staff significantly lighten the tough life in the company.

“We are on a good path.”

The abundance of modules naturally requires a period of familiarization. But Erwin Burgstaller was in no hurry. He benefited from the solid foundation for a comprehensive system implementation. “The consistent uniform interface makes it easier for my employees to adjust. Not all at once, but step by step we are on a good path. ”

The whole and its parts under control

AXAVIAseries, a Windows desktop software with which any user is quickly familiar, was used as a base. It serves primarily as a navigation module for the installed modules. For example, the Organizer which presents many important data at your fingertips: addresses, appointments, contracts, improvement processes. With another module, the hours of a project budget is determined and monitored. Even holidays and sick leave, overtime, travel expenses and expenses are transparently shown here. All accompanying documents are immediately available. Other modules provide a clear and comprehensive control of sales activities and cost calculations. The order processing was greatly relieved: customer and supplier data, contracts, payment schedules, project liquidity, procurement and much more information remains in focus. As well as stock movements, storage positions, calculations, schedules, costs and resources… Even the construction now gets their organizational support. All CAD and project data flow together now. Up to construction and production planning, Austrex is now almost perfectly positioned.