DMS as an efficiency boost in project organization

A unique feature in plant engineering is the extreme flood of documents. From engineering to commissioning, an almost unmanageable mountain of files is created. With a multitude of revisions and complex approval processes, which also extend beyond company boundaries, managing them is a real challenge. Particularly in large projects, companies need tools that can master this challenge. Documents from the customer should be able to be easily entered and the company's own software products must also be integrated into the DMS.

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Document management

Documents from the customer should be able to be easily entered and the company's own software products must also be integrated into the DMS. Often, important data of a project is managed in different places. For example, they are stored in e-mail programs, on server drives, local hard disks or in data structures of different software products.
In order to carry out engineering projects efficiently and without errors, it is elementary that all necessary data can be found quickly and by everyone. Thus, a central document management system is perfectly suited for this task.
Well-documented communication, including automatically generated transmittals, test certificate management or certificate stamping, avoids misunderstandings and reduces sources of error.

The compliance with guidelines

Of course, guidelines such as KKS, AKS, etc. must be taken into account by the DMS. These guidelines specify a common standard for document management and designation. If all parties involved adhere to these standards, cooperation with external companies, suppliers and clients will benefit.

Revisions and releases

Release processes and the management of revisions and versions are particularly important. This way, you never lose track of changes. The original document remains untouched and thus provides security about the origin and correctness of the documents. It also makes it possible to track the history of changes and ensure that the most up-to-date documents are in circulation.

Sharing and collaboration

Not to be underestimated is efficient, preferably integrated communication with customers and suppliers via web portal or e-mail. In a digitized world, the fast transfer of documents via the web is an important component of DMS software. This reduces project runtimes and customers and suppliers are always up to date.
In this context, the DMS should be able to create document sets. Documents from different sources are collected and shared. What sounds simple at first can become a Herculean task in a database with thousands of documents, without software support.
This functionality also makes it possible to create complete document sets at the push of a button and to pass them on to the customer.

A DMS software contributes greatly to the efficiency of your projects

n practice, people still try to get by inexpensively with infinitely long Excel lists. The follow-up costs of incorrect drawing revision in assembly are underestimated. How long do entrepreneurs want to wait before they get a grip on their documents with modern DMS solutions?