Time tracking made easy

Effortlessly record working times and assign them to projects with the AXAVIA time recording tool. Via desktop, web, app and terminal.

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How do you record your working hours?

Smart. Fast. Simple. AXAVIAtime makes your work and project time recording much easier. Use the potential of AXAVIAtime to improve digitalization in your company.

Record working hours quickly and precisely

With AXAVIAtime you can record working times quickly and easily – start, stop or pause your time recording with just one click. This not only saves valuable time, but also money and nerves.

Relevant information such as overtime or remaining vacation time is automatically evaluated by the time recording software. In addition, with AXAVIAtime you no longer have to worry about labor law provisions or holidays. From now on, AXAVIAtime will take care of all of this for you.

And the best thing about it: The recorded working times can be transmitted directly to payroll accounting. So that you have more time for the important things in the future.

Time recording with devices of your choice

AXAVIA offers the possibility to make time recording entries while on the go. Whether in the office, at the customer’s or in the home office. With AXAVIAtime you can make your time recording entries via desktop, web, app or using a terminal. You choose which time recording system is best for you!

In cooperation with our partner Datafox, AXAVIA has developed a very flexible and universally applicable electronic time recording system. The data is entered directly into the easy-to-use Datafox terminal and transmitted to AXAVIAseries. It is also possible to work with bar codes or RFID cards or chips. Thanks to the integrated GMS module, the terminal can not only be used in the company itself, but also when out and about or from a construction site, for example. The data is transmitted wirelessly.

Effortlessly record, evaluate and bill project times

With the AXAVIA time recording tool, you can effortlessly assign the hours you have worked to customers or projects. As a result, projects can be precisely calculated, billed and recalculated and you can see with one click whether your projects are economically successful. A clear graphical evaluation ensures that you always have an overview. In addition, travel and expense accounting ensures the necessary cost transparency. Tax-favored daily rates and billing modalities are stored accordingly.

AXAVIA’s time tracking feature also offers the option of stopping your working hours live while you are working on your customer projects.

The highlight: all recorded times can easily be billed to the customer.

Simply settle travel costs and expenses

In addition to the recording of working times, AXAVIAtime offers the option of settling travel costs and expenses quickly and without problems. Thanks to AXAVIAtime, tax-relevant daily rates and billing modalities no longer have to be laboriously calculated, but are stored accordingly and are automatically taken into account by the software. For more convenience and transparency in your projects.

Plan your vacation in an uncomplicated way

No more time-consuming vacation requests. With AXAVIAtime, vacation management can in future be handled not only online, but also quickly and easily. With just one click, every employee can submit vacation requests, which can then be approved or rejected directly by the supervisor. The same applies to time compensation and other absences. It is particularly practical that with AXAVIAtime vacation and time off days are calculated automatically, so that managers always have an overview of the workforce.

Query employee status and attendance table

Do you want to know which employees are in the office today? With AXAVIAtime you can see immediately which employees are currently present, sick or on vacation. You can also use the employee overview to quickly manage personnel-related master data such as date of birth, email address or position. In addition, the last time booking shows how up-to-date the entered time recording entries are.

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