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Fertigungsauftrag & Arbeitskarten
Maschinen- & Ressourcenplanung
Terminplan und Plantafel

With this tool, all operations in production are planned, managed and monitored.

Starting from the production orders, production planning is a core element of the production. With this module you plan, control and monitor all processes in production. By doing so, you make sure that the resources and materials for the production are sufficiently available. The module supports you throughout the entire process chain, from production order to delivery. In combination with AXAVIAtime you always have control at any time over the resources actually used.

  • Sale products are broken down with the stored BOMs in individual items and these provide the basis for the demand planning of materials needed.
  • Pre-defined work plans complement the planning and the necessary work steps and so define the resources to be scheduled.
  • With the help of working time models and processing times, AXAVIApps supports you in capacity planning.
  • The basis for the performance of the contract is determined by the work schedule in the work plans specifying work processes and target times.

Other important information: The available capacity in the current situation of employees, machinery and equipment, i.e. the number of available working hours in future periods, is also available.

The elements of the module

  • Product Structure and Production Plan
  • Production Order
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • MRP run
  • Production Confirmation
  • Capacity and Resource Planning
  • Scheduling and Planning Board
  • Work Cards with Barcode Support
  • Material Tracking
  • Integration of Warehouse Management