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ERP System for Plant Designers

The demands are great when complex technical components are to be implemented into a complete system with precisely defined tasks. Competence, clarity and speed are required. AXAVIAsuite Plant provides all the benefits of a comprehensive specific enterprise solution for this; characterized by a compact set-up and rapid implementation. The intuitive operation and clear modular set-up guarantees a short training phase and allows each user to work quickly and efficiently.

There is a wealth of exceptionally useful properties and outstanding features. See for yourself:

Engineering Database:

Plan your project quickly and easily. AXAVIAedb provides optimal support from the preliminary project work via basic engineering, through to detail engineering.

Process Engineering:

AXAVIAedb-PD provides you with a predefined data model for plant construction. There are structures available for plant, media, pipe class, pipe lines or KKS function groups. In addition, there are extensive data models e.g. Pumps, valves, tanks or electrical instrumentation sites.

Automation Technology:

AXAVIAedb-AD uses the data from the mechanical and process engineering, and supplements it with information for automation. Measuring circuits, field devices, signals, bus systems or IO cards are specified and are available for documentation.

Electrical Engineering:

Place the power circuits, electronic frequency converter or protection elements next to the actuators and their supply units and complete the relevant technical data. Simple calculations like that of the energy balance support the engineer in his daily work.

Mechanics & Construction:

The data model of AXAVIAedb-MD defines the essential elements of the mechanism. Assemblies and components from the CAD system or PDM system are automatically applied and are available for further use. Assign the data model plant or assemblies and create BOM and usage evidence.


Enter your dates directly in the calendar and assign a business partner and participants. You can quickly and efficiently coordinate appointments and tasks for your entire organization.

DMS Dokumentenmanagement
Document Management:

Manage business documents, e-mails or contracts directly in the program. You can therefore be sure to find your documents right where you expect them. Assign e-mails from Outlook per Drag&Drop and insert plans, contracts or drawings directly from the contact person or project.

TIME Zeiterfassung
Time Recording:

With this module you can define the budgeted hours of an order or project. The recorded hours are allocated to cost units and cost categories – an optimal foundation for an exact final costing.

Customer Relationship Management
Sales and Marketing:

It is straightforward to plan your marketing and sales projects with a lot of overview, and to manage the data of your partners and customers. Organize and implement marketing campaigns, serial mails, and letters or e-mail newsletters. These are optimally supported and thus increase your chances in the market.

Order Processing:

Create offers from customer enquiries and maximize your sales opportunities. You guide the offer directly over into a contract and create purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices. This is all done within a few clicks and without entering data more than once.

Inventory Management:

You always have an overview of inventory and the incoming and outgoing goods. AXAVIAinventory supports you with the inventory and make your work easier through the evaluation of barcodes.

Project Management:

Plan your projects easily and efficiently. Continually monitor resources and costs and keep a decisive overview. The multi-project management allows for the parallel execution of projects and provides you with the most important key data at a glance.

Risk Risikomanagement
Risk Management:

Here all the tools to identify, analyze, evaluate, monitor and control risks are provided. Risk management as a preventive element of corporate governance is thus also opportunities management.

PDM Produktdatenmanagement
Product Data Management:

Manage your assemblies, components and projects directly in the CAD system. All project data – such as parts lists – CAD can be independently edited, created and modified in AXAVIAseries.

Base Module:

Various basic functions are available in the base module of the AXAVIAsuite Plant. This serves as a platform for further modules. Here the user will be managed and the rights defined, currency or language set and product catalogs updated.