Digitalization of your customer relationship management – with a modern CRM solution

Network customer data and offers as well as other sales and marketing activities – generate more leads, interact with customers and increase sales.

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The CRM software for your successful customer relationship management

Efficient work in sales, marketing and service – that is the great advantage of powerful CRM systems. These not only have a positive effect on customer loyalty and acquisition, but above all lead to more business deals and an increase in sales. AXAVIAcrm supports a whole range of sales activities: marketing and campaign planning, newsletters, acquisition – right through to resubmissions. In the interest of a reliable calculation, it clarifies expenses and income, ensures consistent offer tracking and fast service – all elementary moments of a well-functioning customer relationship.

Your advantages with AXAVIAcrm

  • The perfect tool for professional customer relationship management – available via desktop, web and app
  • Consistent transparency of all sales activities – overview of sales
  • Plan marketing projects and manage target customers and sales partners
  • Successful customer loyalty due to optimal long-term support for customers and projects

Here you will find our free 10 tips for CRM implementation.

Efficient address management – all customer data with one click

Are you looking for a way to efficiently manage your (potential) customers? No problem! With AXAVIAcrm you can collect all customer data and manage it efficiently. And not only important contact details such as telephone number or email address, but also the entire contact history. AXAVIAcrm offers you the opportunity to store business contacts, emails, documents and much more with your customers. This allows you to see transparently when you made contact with whom and which agreements were made. Create high-quality relationships through transparent communication with your (future) customers.

Successful Marketing Campaigns – Targeted Customer Acquisition

AXAVIAcrm supports you significantly in generating successful marketing campaigns. Based on the maintained address base and the corresponding categorizations, you create campaigns that are precisely aimed at your target groups. The integration of Mailworx, a professional newsletter system, is an ideal addition to newsletter campaigns in particular. You can not only design appealing newsletters, but also analyze the behavior of your recipients in detail. In addition, AXAVIAcrm offers the possibility of interacting with your customers via surveys.

Successful lead management

Lead generation is expensive – which makes it all the more important to effectively capture and track new sales opportunities until they are successfully closed. With AXAVIAcrm you always stay focused and quickly recognize which companies are relevant for you. For the efficient initiation of successful sales projects.

  • Manage leads efficiently
  • Clear appointment management
  • Contact management according to Michael Port

From the first business contact to the offer – effective sales processing

From the first business contact to the customer inquiry to the offer. AXAVIAcrm helps you to process sales effectively.

  • Customer inquiries including sales and time planning
  • Automated preparation of offers
  • Resubmissions – so you don’t lose sight of your customers
  • Overview of the entire contact history

Targeted success evaluations

AXAVIAcrm offers continuous transparency of all sales activities – the clear basis for achieving your sales targets. In addition to the customer, sales employee and month, the planned sales and cost of goods are recorded for detailed planning. For better planning, the actual return on an opportunity is calculated using the probability.

  • Sales opportunities for customer inquiries, offers or can be stored directly with the customer
  • Control sales development through a constant overview of customer inquiries and the status of offers
  • Detailed sales statistics

Perfect organized sales

The structure of the sales organization and the assignment of sales employees across geographical regions is a widespread distribution of sales. AXAVIAcrm supports you and automatically assigns interested parties and customers to the respective employee. This structure is also often used for commission accounting. In the case of indirect sales via sales partners, it is necessary to know which customer is being looked after by which partner. Define business partners as sales partners on the one hand and assign the customers to the corresponding sales partners on the other.

Numerous customers trust in AXAVIA

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