Digitalization of your maintenance and servicing

The AXAVIAsam maintenance software supports you in managing your systems and machines.

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Higher plant and employee productivity through digitalization

The SAM software from AXAVIA is maintenance software for managing your systems and machines. So that you always have an overview of all systems and machines in your company that are subject to inspection. Professional maintenance and repair not only extends the life cycle of a system, but also guarantees you minimal downtimes with optimal resource planning.

Plant documentation made easy

Technical information and documentation of your systems serve as the basis for efficient maintenance planning. The technical system structure documents the structure of the systems with the detailed technical information and provides the basis for the system designation. The structures can be set up as desired and depict reality in as much detail as possible. AXAVIA provides you with a large number of predefined components from the areas of process engineering, plant construction, electrical engineering, automation technology and mechanics. In addition to typical component data – such as weight, type or designation – many predefined technical properties are available for the components. The system documentation therefore consists, on the one hand, of descriptions of the processes and components, and, on the other hand, primarily of CAD documents in various forms.

To manage the necessary documents, AXAVIA provides you with a complete document management system with a link to the technical components. Functions such as folder structures, revisions and predefined workflows support you and the viewer integration allows a preview directly in the system. In addition, a large number of CAD interfaces make system documentation much easier for you – especially since information is synchronized bidirectionally here.

Efficient maintenance notification system

The maintenance notification system supports you significantly in the recording, processing and resolution of inquiries, fault reports or change requests. With just one click you can generate service requests and define the request level (message type, priority). Corresponding emails or documents can easily be attached.

Smart maintenance and service orders

Smart maintenance and service orders help you to manage and optimize inspections and maintenance of your technical systems and machines. Maintenance orders can be defined automatically using predefined maintenance plans or manually for ad hoc maintenance. For regularly recurring maintenance in particular, it makes sense to define a maintenance plan and to store the interval at which the necessary activities are to be carried out. Corresponding work processes, required spare parts and corresponding instruction documents should also be taken into account. A defined workflow controls the process of the maintenance order. If the system needs to be activated, this is also stored in AXAVIAseries. For the feedback and the exact booking of the actual times, an integration for time recording is available, where a barcode can also be entered at any time. Fault reports can also be recorded quickly and easily in AXAVIAsam. The work preparation decides on the further procedure and defines the maintenance orders and the necessary measures. So that you will not miss a maintenance appointment in the future and that you have always documented a proper check.

Electronic signature on service reports with the AXAVIA service technician

With the AXAVIA service technician you can not only generate ad-hoc service orders, but also store planned, regularly recurring service orders. With defined work processes and required spare parts, you receive service order reports quickly and easily, which can be electronically signed by your client. Available via Dekstop, web or app. And the best thing about it: The service times are automatically included in the time recording.

Clear deployment and resource planning

AXAVIAsam supports you in efficient deployment and resource planning. For optimal planning of maintenance work, all upcoming maintenance work is clearly displayed on the maintenance plan and enables you to modify the schedule easily and quickly. With the resource allocation you also have an immediate overview of your workforce and any additional resources you may need, such as special measuring devices.

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