Risikostrukturen & -kategorien
Sicherheitsanforderungen und-konzept
Präventive - Reaktive Maßnahmen/Aktivitäten
Risikobewertung FMEA
Risikobewertung EN12100
Schadensfallerhebung & -analyse

Risk-management Software

Risk Management (AXAVIArisk)

Here all the tools to identify, analyze, evaluate, monitor and control risks are provided. Risk management as a preventive element of corporate governance is thus also opportunities management.

Risk management is a critical element of corporate governance. The entire organization and employees need to be considered, identified and evaluated. The potential risks are listed according to priority and eliminated or disabled through appropriate measures.

The elements of the module

  • Risk Categories
  • Risk Zones
  • Risk Structure
  • Risk Assessment in accordance with Machinery Directives
  • FMEA analysis
  • Preventive measures
  • Claims
  • Graphical Analysis