Meilenstein- & Aufgabenplanung
Termin- & Kostencontrolling

PM Software – Projectmanagement

Project Management is a key element of management. It coordinates the smooth interaction of all project requirements.

A variety of data is processed and coordinated here: calculations, requirement specifications, schedules, costs, and distribution of tasks. This module assists users with Gantt charts, a clear pictorial representation of the process operations and progress.

In addition, it provides for a professional planning of capturing risks which could decimate events, and accordingly jeopardize the undisturbed course of a project.

The elements of the Module

  • Requirements Management
  • Project Structure Plan
  • Task & Resource Planning
  • Planning using Qualifications / Departments
  • Integration with Time Recording and Attendance
  • Progress Review (Plan – Actual)
  • Multi-project Management
Project Management (AXAVIApm)

The complexity of projects is constantly increasing. The requirements for quality and decreasing turnaround time for project planning and construction / development are constantly increasing. Project management is therefore required.

In the execution of the technical projects the essential factors include the optimization of the requirements, costs, resources and schedules. Critical for the profitability of a project is the optimum interplay of all these parameters.
At the start of the project, calculations and the requirement specifications are in the foreground, followed by dates, costs and distribution of tasks. An ongoing cost, schedule and resource control is obligatory to achieve optimal execution with minimal modification costs.

With this module the entire course of the project is online, transparent, traceable. This provides a permanent current overview of costs and deadlines. This ensures that the profitability of a project is not lost during its execution.

The elements of the module

  • Requirements Management
  • Project Structure Plan
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Target vs. Actual Comparison
  • Cost Monitoring
  • Project Structure Plan
  • Multi-project Management