Technische Bauteilinformation
Einsatz- & Ressourcenplanung
Wartungs- & Serviceaufträge
Wartungsrevision & Schichtbuch

PLM Software – Product lifeciycle management

Professional maintenance and service will not only prolong the life cycle of a system, but also provides ample opportunities to build and intensify customer loyalty.

An object-oriented maintenance planning guarantees minimal downtime at optimal use of resources. Detailed technical information and documentation serve as a foundation. The necessary documents are managed in the Document Management System and linked to the technical components.

AXAVIAseries provides a variety of CAD interfaces. The information is synchronized bi-directional. The maintenance tasks define the maintenance activities, and stored checklists for plant inspections provide clarity.

CAD Integration

The elements of the module

  • Technical Plant Structure with CAD Integration
  • Plant Documentation with DMS Integration
  • Maintenance & Service Planning
  • Appointment & Task Planning
  • Plant History
  • Barcode Support
  • Checklists for Plant Inspection
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Inventory & Tool Management
  • Improvement Process & Knowledge Management