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AXAVIAseries Windows Desktop

Der AXAVIAseries Windows-Client ist eine typische Windowsanwendung, mit denen Anwender schon vertraut sind. Es dient als Navigationsmodul für alle installierten Module, so dass die wichtigsten Informationen sofort zur Verfügung stehen.

Die durchgängige und intuitive Bedienung erleichtert den Arbeitsalltag für alle Anwender quer durch alle Prozesse des Unternehmens. Durch die fast uneingeschränkte Anpassbarkeit des Systems ist es möglich, die Benutzeroberfläche an die Wünsche des Unternehmens anzupassen. Auch für einzelne Abteilungen oder Anwender kann die Oberfläche angepasst werden.

The AXAVIAseries Windows-Client is a typical Windows application with which users are already familiar. It serves as a navigation module for all installed modules so that the most important information is immediately available.

AXAVIAseries Windows Desktop

Ihr Nutzen

  • Navigationsübersicht
  • Benutzerdefinierte Favoriten
  • Benutzerdefinierte Ansichten
  • Flexible und intuitive Bedienung
  • Moderne GUI (Grafic user Interface) ermöglicht effizientes Arbeiten.
  • Fast uneingeschränkte Anpassbarkeit

The elements of the module

  • Navigation Overview
  • User defined favorites

AXAVIAseries Windows Offline Desktop mode

There are many cases when you need to work on your project when you are not on your workspace. Therefor you can log out a project and take it with you in the offline mode. You can resume working on it and when you are back at the office (connection with the network) the your data are automatically synchronising.

Development Environment (AXAVIAseries Developer)

AXAVIAseries was designed as a special development platform for complex object-oriented for data management tasks.

A number of GUI controls (graphic user interfaces) have been implemented so that they optimally work together with the model data.

With the model designer, your own applications are created or modified, object definitions are created; and value definitions (properties) for both data type and format, as well as the behavior of the user interfaces are defined.

Calculations, methods or event histories can be stored as C # macros.

With a new view schema, the user can design their interface, configure the information in the GUI itself and define its behavior.

To expand and modify the data model

  • Design your interface according to your needs
  • Add new functions
  • Manage the software developement by yourself

AXAVIAseries Web-Portal

AXAVIAseries Web-Portal

The AXAVIAseries server offers the possibility to manage the entire course of a project over the web. It serves as a universal operating platform, which is also integrated for external project participants regardless of time and place in the work process.

The server offers different operational views for each user (supplier, purchasing, production staff, management, production scheduling, etc.). These can each be adapted to the corporate identity of the company involved. This possibility for interactive and quickly reaction on the corporate boundaries lets users work in all parts of the world and at any time without any problems on a project.

The platform provides quick access to all modules. Here, project and document information is available as quickly as the necessary change – and release processes. The result: customers and suppliers work more closely together in cross-steps, the high demands are minimized, time-consuming correspondence is eliminated; and customer loyalty is crucially promoted.

AXAVIAseries Web-Portal

The project portal for

  • Revision management
  • Full-text search of documents
  • Project notes supplement project information
  • Tasks with priorities and resource allocations
  • Change information from documents via e-mail
  • Project and document management
  • Integrated Viewer
  • Graphical comparisons of document revisions

AXAVIAmobile App

For those who have always wanted the most important information about their customers on the smartphone, there is now the AXAVIAmobile App. The CRM functionalities include the most important information about your customers and appointments.
The App also offers time management.

The app is available for Andriod, iOS and Windows Phone. It impresses with its intuitive operation and clear user interface.

AXAVIAmobile App

CRM functionalities of the AXAVIAmobile App

  • Appointments and follow ups
  • Business partners
  • Employees
  • Ticket system

IoT – Internet of Things

With AXAVIAiot, you integrate your plant & machine data through a secure cloud service around the world. In addition to the service, AXAVIA also offers the right hardware for your machines.


Funktionen von AXAVIAiot

  • IoT Datenlogger
  • IoT Monitor
  • IoT für alle Geräte
  • OnPromise- oder Cloudlösung
  • Passende Hardware für Ihre Maschinen

Functionalities of AXAVIAiot

  • IoT datalogging
  • IoT monitor
  • IoT for all devices
  • OnPromise- or Cloudservice
  • Hardware for your machines

Online Services

AXAVIAseries integrated online services facilitate the daily work. Automatically match data such as business addresses or UID numbers with online entries and save valuable time.

  • Corporate Directory
  • UID number exam
  • Currency translation
  • Language translation
  • Domain testing
  • E-mail check


You have the possibility to operate AXAVIAseries either on your own server or to have it hosted. Either we take over the hosting for you or you find your own operator for it. The flexible installation options allow all variants. AXAVIA hosting includes Windows, Word, Excel and Outlook. So you do not have to worry about your data, the backup is included.