Projekt- & Dokumentenverwaltung
Aufgaben- & Ressourcenplanung
Montageplanung mit Linde Aufgaben

Field Erection Management

The erection and commissioning of systems belongs in many cases to the most critical phases of the project. Precise planning of the erection and commissioning work can already solve many problems in advance.

The basis for the operation of a plant is the correct documentation. This module allows the seamless integration of document management and thus provides a clear, consistent and traceable plant history.

The proven Linde factors are used as an evaluation criterion for the control of the erection progress.

The elements of the module

  • Erection Planning
  • Schedule / Milestones / Tasks
  • Documentation
  • Monitoring of Erection Progress
  • Productivity
  • Measurement of the Erection Quality
  • Linde Factors
  • Link with Time Recording and Attendance
  • WEB Interface