Digitalization of your entire organizational processes

With AXAVIAecm you are always perfectly organized. From the simple coordination of appointments and your knowledge management to managing your emails.

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Digitalization of your company and data organization

Organization and data management are among the core elements of every company. The better these processes are organized, the smoother the cooperation between the individual areas. The functions of the AXAVIA ECM software range from the simple coordination of appointments to a knowledge database and the management of e-mails.

The effectiveness of the organization is largely determined by the clarity of the internal processes – and this in turn is characterized by the clarity of the data presentation. The AXAVIAecm module contains address data, appointment and employee data as well as information on contracts and improvements. A knowledge database for all employees rounds off the comprehensive range of functions. This module serves as the essential basis for many processes and should not be missing in any configuration. Use the potential of AXAVIAdms to improve the digitalization in your company.

Here you will find our free checklist for process optimization.

Efficient contact management – transparent relationships with customers and suppliers

Are you looking for a business or contact person? No problem! With AXAVIAecm you get all information about your customers and suppliers with one click. And not only important contact details such as telephone number or email address, but also the entire contact history. With the help of stored business contacts, emails and documents, you can see transparently when you made contact with whom and which agreements were made. Create high-quality relationships through transparent communication with your customers and suppliers.

Manage e-mails efficiently and use information in a targeted manner

Business correspondence, internal agreements and discussions – emails offer enormous information potential. Use this potential and integrate e-mails into your company’s business processes. AXAVIAseries offers all the necessary functions for efficient e-mail management, which goes far beyond pure archiving.

  • Integration of e-mails into your business processes
  • Automatic mail filing and drag & drop function
  • Relief of the mail server
  • Fast finding through smart search functions

Teamwork makes the dream work – your team calendar

With AXAVIAseries you have combined all appointments in a common team calendar. This guarantees you optimal planning – so that you can always meet your submission deadlines in the future. Many smart features support you with your appointment management.

  • All dates at a glance
  • Intelligent recurring appointmentst
  • Direct link to contact persons including appointment invitations
  • Integrated document management – just attach emails or other documents to the appointment
  • Automatic consideration of birthdays and holidays
  • Vacation and travel planning
  • Resource planning such as meeting rooms, cars and much more
  • Synchronization with other calendars

Clearly record employee data – including access authorizations

AXAVIAseries enables you to completely record employees with all associated personal data. This includes internal company master data such as name, title, position or private data such as address, date of birth or telephone number. If an employee has a special qualification, this can be recorded separately. Any contract data such as the type of contract or notice periods are also stored by default. Of course, only executives or selected employees have access to the personnel files.

  • All personal data at a glance
  • Sophisticated rights system
  • Recording of qualifications
  • Contract management with integrated DMS for employment contracts or ohter important doucments
  • Vacation and leisure management

Knowledge management

Every company lives from its employees and the knowledge they bring to the company. But what happens to this knowledge when the employee leaves the company? Can it be preserved and passed on? The AXAVIAseries knowledge database gives you the opportunity to make collected know-how available to all employees and thus to create a basis for training and further education.

  • Structured storage of information
  • Simple, fast search
  • Central access for all employees with an integrated rights system
  • Clear mind map display

Internal improvement system

Many innovations are the result of internal suggestions for improvement. Only those who use the potential of their employees can guarantee a continuous improvement process. The basis for this is a tool for capturing ideas and suggestions for improvement from employees.

  • Identification via a consecutive suggestion number
  • Categorization of the suggestions for improvement according to free criteria
  • Evaluation of the suggestions for improvement for ranking in the implementation
  • Follow up of proposals via status information (Registered, Accepted, Rejected)
  • Follow up of the suggestions by the creator so that he has the information whether his suggestions are actually implemented
  • Supplement the suggestions for improvement with notes, documents and activities

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