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How do you manage your documents?

When handling technical projects, the flood of documents increases almost to infinity. Ensuring that documents are up-to-date and eliminating redundancies represent an immense challenge. In addition, access to the documents should be guaranteed from anywhere. AXAVIAseries contains an integrated document management system for managing your documents. With quick access to your documents, you always have an exact overview and can find the right document straight away. The physical files are automatically stored in the correct directory on the hard drive or in the secure vault. Particularly interesting for technicians: AXAVIAdms is also equipped for CAD use and has numerous CAD plug-ins. Intuitive document storage. Quickly find documents. Optimized workflows. AXAVIAdms makes your document management much easier. Use the potential of AXAVIAdms to improve the digitalization in your company.

Here you will find our free checklist with 10 tips for choosing your perfect DMS software.

Intuitive project and document storage

With AXAVIAdms you can store and structure your documents according to your personal preferences. Due to the strong orientation towards Windows conditions, documents can be easily imported from the Explorer using templates or drag & drop. In addition to filing documents in familiar folder structures, this can also be done on a project-oriented basis. The advantage of this: In addition to documents, projects can also contain other elements such as calculations, technical structures or the entire project management. This creates a seamless link to document management.

  • Any and freely definable folder structure
  • Drag & Drop from the explorer
  • Standardization templates
  • Projects and project groups
  • Project team with role defines the access authorization

Information & classification – awesome for technicians

AXAVIAdms has a right of document information . In addition to creator and last contacts, personal CAD information is also included. In addition to searching for the documents, you can add key words to each document for the documents that were found. As an option for searching, these keywords are shown in an index tree so that the documents can be found in a structured form.

In the technical rights, in the power plant construction, in the social labeling standards for documents that are changed. The identification according to the system, location or KKS identification. The technical structure of the system is given here and the integration into the engineering database takes place. AXAVIAdms use one of these labels and one other than one of the labeling system according to DIN 61355.

  • Plant and location identification
  • KKS-marking
  • DIN 61355

Review and approve documents

Documents can be checked and approved both internally and externally using defined workflows. A multi-stage release process is available for changes and releases, which in the standard configuration is two-stage (check and release). In connection with the login, the corresponding user is entered with the test and release date. The object status gives you information about the current status at any time (in progress, under review, released, obsolete, …). Use the workflow not only for documents, but also for all types of objects.

From a certain stage of a project it is necessary to record all changes exactly. In the pharmaceutical or chemical industry in particular, exact reproducibility is required by law. AXAVIAseries logs the most important changes. It can be traced at any time who created an object and when, and who last changed it. All changes to the data, such as who, when and what changed, are precisely documented in a change log and can therefore be traced at any time. Important events or changes can be monitored and automatic notifications can be sent via email. Individual objects, object groups or status changes can be logged.

  • Change and approval workflow
  • Object status indicates the status of an object
  • Object status influences the user rights
  • Revision for further processing
  • Logging of changes and access to the history
  • Notification of relevant changes

Sign documents electronically

Electronic signature with Signosign

The electronic signature brings your manual signiture in the digital world. With the help of the handwritten electronic signature, the process chain of the digital document from creation to archiving can be implemented without media discontinuity.
The personal electronic signature, which is made on a signature pad or mobile device with pen input, is becoming more and more important. It alone represents a simple continuation of the conventional work process, the writing of a signature, in electronic form.
The general security of the solution has already been verified by independent testing institutes such as B. by TÜV and successfully tested and certified by many well-known signotec customers.

Digital signature with a-trust

With the help of the digital signature from a-trust, you can create legally compliant, digitally signed PDF documents which, for example, can be used to send invoices via email.

Audit-proof archive with Graudata Filelock

The handling of business documents is subject to strict regulations in Germany: According to the guidelines of the HGB, the GoBD and other tax and commercial law requirements, all companies are obliged to archive electronic data in a revision-proof manner. Inadequacy can result in fines running into the millions.

However, the implementation of all requirements presents companies of all sizes with considerable challenges: Ensuring compliance, changing the IT structure and new work processes cost a lot of time and money. But you can save yourself: FileLock offers you a simple, flexible and inexpensive solution. Thanks to WORM functionality, newly created data is automatically and unchangeably saved. Nothing changes for the user: they can continue to access the data via the file system as usual, since they can be read as often as required. Any attempt to change will be blocked completely, at least during the set retention time. Only after this time has elapsed is it possible to delete the data again. This prevents unauthorized access to archived data.

But FileLock not only protects new documents, existing data can also be archived in an audit-proof manner. It offers a simple solution to protect data in an audit-proof manner without interfering with existing systems and processes. The FileLock software runs on standard Windows servers as well as on a virtual machine and is individually scalable according to your system requirements.

Document preview with AXAVIA Brava Viewer

The AXAVIA Brava Viewer is perfect for quickly previewing documents in a wide variety of formats. In addition to pure viewing, there are many other functionalities available.

  • Read a variety of file formats
  • Search in the document
  • Rotate, mirror, zoom, …
  • Measuring with calibration function
  • Markup or red marking
  • Compare file versions
  • Print and plot without CAD
  • Watermark

Digital collaboration – always at the same level of information

An essential aspect of digitization is that you have access to your documents anytime, anywhere. With the AXAVIA WEB portal, your documents are also available on your mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets.
Work with your partners outside of your organization and integrate them into your work processes.
Use the various options to make your digital collaboration more efficient.

  • Access to released documents in the WEB
  • Editing and revision of the documents
  • Checking and approval via WEB
  • Preview with markup
  • Digital signature

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