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AXAVIAseries CRM is the professional tool for professional customer relationship management.

This tool supports a wide range of marketing activities: Marketing and campaign planning, newsletters, acquisition – up to resubmission. It resolves expenses and income in the interest of high capacity calculations, ensures consequent offer tracking and fast service – all elementary moments of a well-functioning client relationship. Since the application can be tailored to meet individual needs, it is also well-suited for beginners to grasp quickly and use without problems.

The elements of the Module

  • Address Management, Corporate Structures
  • Customer Documents, Mail Merge, E-mail Series
  • Mailings & Campaigns
  • Sales Organization & Lead Management
  • Scheduling & complete Contact History
  • Business Contacts with follow ups
  • Material Master for costing & Offers
  • Customer Enquiries & Pricing
  • Angeboteserstellung & -verfolgung
  • Offers Preparation & Tracking
  • Sales Opportunities & Forecast
  • Customer Service & Ticket System
  • Project & Document Management
Sales (AXAVIAsales)

AXAVIAsales provides continuous transparency into all sales activities – the clear foundation for effective control of projects.

The foundation of realistic budget planning is clear sales targets. They serve as an input requirement for the sales and as a predictable size for all corporate divisions.

Not only is the capturing of business forecasts of the most important customers crucial. Also the role of control of budget variances should not be underestimated. AXAVIAsales offers high transparency for the effective management of projects. On the foundation of project data, a current overview of revenues (by month and sales managers) can be created at any time, together with the expected billings.

AXAVIAsales can be optimally integrated into the Organizer module and uses its address management as a basis for the activities of marketing and sales.

The elements of the Module

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Sales Organization
  • Follow-Up Management
  • Lead Management
  • Distributors
  • Customer enquiry
  • Offer
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Appointment management
  • Marketing and Sales Projects
Marketing (AXAVIAsales)

Plan your marketing projects and manage your partners and target customers with the marketing function of AXAVIAsales.

Simple and clear. Preform marketing campaigns and increase your chances on the market. Whether series mail, letter or e-mail newsletters, AXAVIAsales optimally supports you in your daily marketing work.

The elements of the module

  • Marketing campaigns plan and carry
  • Letters, e-mail newsletters, mailing lists
  • Email campaign plug-in
  • Manage leads, customers and distribution partners
Calculation (AXAVIAcalc)

The high flexibility of AXAVIAcalc allows you to define your own costs categories for company-specific project types.

For example, in the production one can compile complete custom assemblies or individual parts, supplemented by the working hours. The items of equipment, such as process technology; may be the result of the preliminary project and can also be used for the calculation. The selling price for the offers is determined with the corresponding premiums for individual items and calculation types. With an automatic transfer, individual offers can now be generated at the push of a button.

The elements of the module

  • Cost structure
  • Calculation Structure
  • Calculation Objects
  • Allocation Positions
  • Project and Product Costing
  • Project-related Suppliers
  • Detailed Estimate
  • GAEB and ÖNORM 2063
  • Offer Transfer
Service (AXAVIAservice)

Customer loyalty is a key competitive advantage. But customer loyalty is only the result of a long-term optimal care of customers and projects.

A prerequisite for this is fast access to customer data and all relevant information – whether it is product licenses or maintenance contracts. This Module gives you an instant overview of the current situation with the customer. The customer can also access selected service information at any time via a ticket system.

The elements of the module

  • Customer Management
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Software Licenses
  • Service Request
  • Ticket System

With the AXAVIAseries Webportal you have access to your most important CRM-functionalities – even when you are on the road. Edit Business contacts, manage appointments and follow ups or edit support requests via the ticket system.
Especially for people that are travelling a lot or who are working from home the AXAVIAseries Webportal offers a comfortable and fast access to their main CRM content.

The CRM functionalities of the AXAVIAseries Webportal

  • Business partners
  • Appointments and follow ups
  • Ticket system
  • Notes and activities
  • Customer Inquiries

For those who have always wanted the most important information about their customers on the smartphone, there is now the AXAVIAmobile App. The CRM functionalities include the most important information about your customers and appointments.
The app is available for Andriod, iOS and Windows Phone. It impresses with its intuitive operation and clear user interface.

CRM functionalities of the AXAVIAmobile App

  • Appointments and follow ups
  • Business partners
  • Employees
  • Ticket system
Mailworx Plug-In
  • Mailworx (Email newsletter system)
  • TAPI/CTI (interfaces for telephone systems)
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