Software technologies for medium sized companies

Infinities1st is a service provider for CAD, PLM and ALM solutions. In addition to software sales, the primary focus of the company encompasses process and methodology consulting on site at the customer. This is joined by the development and adaptation of software solutions. The beneficiaries of these services are primarily medium sized companies in the automotive, aviation and consumer goods industries, along with machine- and systems designers.

The current trend reflects the actual situation: companies are operating on an ever more global basis with products that are increasingly sophisticated. For this reason, industry is constantly seeking new solutions which optimise the collaboration along the value added chain. This is where flexible software solutions can provide the optimum support to company processes and make the decisive difference.

Efficiency, flexibility and sustainability

Product Lifecycle Management solutions (PLM) from Infinities 1st which are configured on the basis of software from Dassault Systèmes offer a high level of software and process integration. For this purpose, a PLM transformation method has been developed which clearly enhances the quality of the products and data at little cost. With consistent Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), solutions are created which can be conveniently adapted to changing business processes. This is achieved with no risk of them being superseded by new technology after a few years. From the initial idea and design to the development, the commissioning and the maintenance of the software solutions and products, Infinities1st combines every element to create a single, functioning solution. The results are clear: greater efficiency in the company processes, falling costs and higher competitiveness.

AXAVIAseries: PLM for the back office

Established in 2009, Infinities1st GmbH made a point of seeking out comprehensive and process-supported software for the purposes of administration from the very start. However, a solution was required which suited this rapidly growing, dynamic start-up without creating hidden costs for the customizing and the operations. After an attempt to use a standard solution designed for medium sized companies ended in failure, in early 2011, the company opted for a step-by-step implementation of AXAVIAseries.

Rapid settlement implementation

With an on-site consultant, the settlement of the licence and services was adapted to the AXAVIA series in full. It was then possible for the installation, the data transfer and the instruction of two employees to be completed in a single week. Using intuitive list interfaces, Infinities1st GmbH is able to differentiate between licences and services on an independent and automated basis, settle services within the company group, and create administrative synergies. On this basis the billing and project controlling is completed at Chiemsee, while the accounting is based at the head offices in Munich. Access takes place centrally on a shared platform.

CRM realised within a few days

In mid 2011, the realisation of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM, covering the entire documentation of customer contacts, offer management and turnover forecasts) and a ticket system for the Service Centre were completed. The implementation was again completed on a highly solutions-oriented basis. The technical possibilities and outlay were aligned prior to the roll-out. It proved possible for the solution to be implemented in three two-day sessions with an on-site consultant. Most of the development vis-à-vis the company-specific sales controlling (Salespipe, Forecast) and the linking of the ticket system with the billing were completed by in-house IT professionals.

Sales and service steering at the touch of a button

A workflow-based project-time monitoring system on the basis of AXAVIA-time was also realised in mid 2011. The monitoring, approval and/or rejection are completed on a workflow basis in a web portal. As in the prior implementations, Axavia provided Infinties1st with support during the implementation. It was also possible for a further development with Excel reports for project and departmental managers and adjustments for break times to be completed remotely. In this way, the interplay between the ERP, TIME and SALES modules achieves much of what has been achieved with success at Infinities1st: it ensures an efficient time monitoring and the effective management of the sales and service organisation. Moreover, this takes place with a high degree of transparency and at the touch of a button.

The bottom line:

In the scope of the work for Infinities1st, it was again demonstrated that it is not the technical or commercial origin of the data which set the standard for the functionality. On the contrary, it is the logic, the clarity and the adaptability of the software that are the decisive factors.