Alstom Power Austria GmbH

ALSTOM Power Austria GmbH is part of the ALSTOM Group, a global market leader in the energy and transport sector. It has around 69,000 employees in more than 70 countries.

The principal activity of ALSTOM Power Austria includes the creation of systems and plants for power generation; and customer service such as project development and project financing. Numerous reference plants in Europe, but also worldwide, to prove this. Around 20% of the world‘s built power plants were supplied and respectively installed by ALSTOM. Through this – competence developed over many years – ALSTOM can design and supply in each case the most economical and environmentally friendly plant.

ALSTOM permanently invests in the development of environmentally friendly products and processes in order to offer its customers cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solutions. The saving of saving energy, reducing harmful emissions and reducing noise pollution have top priority in the process.
In this extensive area, to live the position as the market leader requires many strong components that are serviced regularly and which must comply with technological progress. In the wake of the renewal of obsolete hardware, the operating system and the Work Manager; AXAVIAseries found its way in 2006 into ALSTOM Austria.
The complex task comprised of AXAVIA Software GmbH installing AXAVIAseries, the creation of an integration platform for 4 interfaces to existing SAP software packages, terminal editor, ELCAD and AutoCAD and the transfer of old data.

The Work Manager, which constituted the basis for the work processes within ALSTOM was replaced by AXAVIAseries. In this novel integrated platform all already existing data had to be taken across to preserve the uninterrupted recording.
The implementation of the interfaces in AXAVIAseries is a prerequisite for the overarching operations within the ALSTOM Power Austria Company. Through the articulated software from AXAVIA, the knowledge of available packages is fully linked and transparently made available to all stakeholders. AXAVIAseries thus became the focus of the ALSTOM project organization, as the data transfer between different software systems occurred over this level.
A practical example should pictorially represent the data and document flow and its storage:
In ELCAD (CAD/CAE software for electrical constructions), designed schematics apply the data for the title blocks from AXAVIAseries. The meaningful information stands available, bundled on the drawing. The representation follows with Oracle‘s AutoVue and allows a preview.

As changes in AXAVIAseries a title block adjustment takes place, the actuality of a document is immediately visible in the drawing. There are references to revisions and the corresponding documentation as to whom at what time, has made what change. Oracle AutoVue supports these modifications with the helpful Markup Function.

AutoCAD offers an emphasis on the creation and editing of drawings. This software is also linked to the data and document center AXAVIAseries and comprises of all necessary and meaningful information.
The safekeeping of the drawing will be clearly evident its place in the drawing directory. A document is recognizably stored under defined conditions in the tree structure and can be found and identified at any time. AXAVIAseries Document Management eliminates with these settings any sources of error brought on by time-consuming document searches or the editing of an incorrect drawing.
The identification numbers, technical structure and parts list of the drawings are transferred to AXAVIAseries from the ELCAD. This also happens with the commercial and the material master data from SAP. If necessary, AXAVIAseries creates the device and subscription lists.

A further level represents the terminal strip editor. The information of laying the cables to the terminals is recorded in this. The function of the terminal, the location and position are managed segmented using the help of AXAVIAseries in the database and can be displayed clearly in a table or prepared as a report. This view offers an insight into the electrical engineering of a plant at any time and any place.
This extract provides a brief insight into the work of ALSTOM and/with AXAVIAseries. All necessary steps are made feasible with help of less measure. AXAVIAseries enables straightforward, transparent work in a complex world and ALSTOM project provides one of the cornerstones for their successful performance.