Now we have our processes in view

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the topic of the hour in many companies as it provides a clear, cost-cutting basis for the control of all the company’s internal processes. AXAVIA developed a unique, software-based solution for AGS-Engineering.
AGS-Engineering in Ried i / I is a versatile and powerful business for building control systems, robotics, engineering, electrical engineering and software development. Its success is based not only on the professional competence of its employees; its working style is characterized by a strong human and social dimension. The objectives are clear: a social-and performance-oriented management style, a cooperative customer care and an overarching project management – all of which serves the projects and their joint success.

Thus AGS-Engineering made the search for an exactly matching ERP concept. After a few problematic experiences a new ERP partner was sought, which could also adequately reflect the special company concept on the software level. They are involved in the integration of a multitude of data and tasks, such as process management, order processing, accounting, managing customer and vendor data, and much more. From innovation planning to implementation and customer acceptance everything should be available; all project statuses, the entire time structure and all the steps for all employees.

After an intensive selection process, AGS selected AXAVIAseries. And thus:

  • For the basic desktop functions and others, serves as a platform for the other modules;
  • For the clearly arranged care of all contacts with customers and suppliers;
  • For the support of the daily marketing and sales activities;
  • For a clearly arranged ordering;
  • And for a flexible project management for constant monitoring of resources and costs.

For the employees, the program has become indispensable. It boasts a clearly arranged Windows-like folder structure, and – as the decisive criterion – a fast, intuitive access at all stages of the everyday project. Of course, the integration of the ERP system also required a certain amount of time in getting familiar with the project – not only for AGS themselves but also for AXAVIA as a developer. The basic structure of the software is on firm footing, but it can also quickly and precisely adjusted to specific needs – so that a company such as AGS can freely customize its processes. On the basis of binding milestones, the system has now been progressively integrated into the processes of AGS, so it was fully deployable after one year.
For AGS-Engineering, the effort has certainly paid off. The overview of projects and processes provides employees with extraordinary easier work. All processes can now be clearly mapped in the ERP; and effectiveness and productivity have increased significantly.