Easy project management for mid-sized development service providers

The trend in modern production methods is towards ever-increasing use of prefabricated components and modules from suppliers. AE Automotive Elements comes into play on the development side of this trend: All phases, from concept development to series development and series supervision, are supervised here by one service provider. AE is a general contractor for the development of assemblies, modules and components for vehicle interiors and exteriors.

Short paths, lean administration

Coming from a buy-out in 2009, the company’s philosophy has always been clear: Focus on the essential. Engineers, technicians and toolmakers should spend the majority of their working time on product development – administrative affairs should be kept within reasonable bounds.

New projects, multiple locations, efficient revision management

For the goal of managing all projects centrally from their offices in Munich, Graz and Sindelfingen, an adaptable platform had to be introduced. It had to guarantee that project objectives would be achieved on schedule, and that an efficient revision management system could be established. It would also have to be relatively easy to evaluate the projects each month (stocktaking) in order to perform a profitability analysis on this basis.

AXAVIAseries: Platform for individual project time recording

At the end of 2010, AXAVIAseries was installed centrally in Munich as a platform fulfilling the performance specification. In a three-day session, a web-based workflow solution – based on AXAVIAtime – was created and has been in use ever since. Over a web portal, project managers can accept employees into projects. The employees record their times and comment on the services rendered. The project managers and department heads issue approval or denial once a month via workflow including email notification. At every point in time, a schedule can be compared with the actual hours at the work package level. Project managers and floor managers can see and edit the data at any time in a structured Excel report. The hours approved by all project managers serve as the basis for the stocktaking. With intuitive list interfaces, project reports can be prepared and compared with the data from bookkeeping.


AXAVIAseries fulfils the most important aims of lean project management: Flexible project time recording at all times and places, monthly stocktaking and profitability analysis – as an indispensable basis for managing a mid-sized company. This is how the modules of AXAVIAseries support management in crucial areas.