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Software for time recording

Time Recording and Attendance (AXAVIAtime)

With ever-increasing labor costs, the recording of working time is a decisive criterion for calculations, accounting and final costing.

With this module you can define the budgeted hours of an order or project. The recorded hours are allocated to cost units and cost categories – an optimal foundation for an exact final costing.

The recorded hours also serve as the basis for the monthly employee statements including vacation days and sick leave. The complete monthly report with the evaluation of overtime is then sent to the payroll department.

In addition to the working hours, the capturing of travel and other expenses creates the necessary cost transparency and provides a correct final costing of projects. The tax-advantaged daily rates and billing arrangements are saved accordingly. This allows the simplification and standardization of the reporting.

The elements of the module

  • Desired working time recording and attendance across different working time models
  • Monthly overview for evaluating hours
  • Vacation, compensatory time, sick leave
  • Cost unit and cost category based timesheet
  • Basis for final costing of projects or contracts
  • Working time models for maximum flexibility
  • Travel expense and expense reporting
Time recording via the AXAVIA Webportal

Different departments need different options for time recording. Whether manually using the software, via barcode scan or via an input terminal. Simple, fast and safe on every device.

The AXAVIA Webportal gives you the option to do your time recording while you are travelling or when your are working at home.

Additional ways of time recording
  • Via bar-code using a bar-code scanner
  • Via terminals. (eg. Touch terminals from datafox)