Kunden- & Lieferantenverwaltung
Fakturierung & Mahnwesen
Beschaffung & Reklamation
Wareneingang & -ausgang
Serien- & Chargennummern


More than ever the consistent transparency and targeted control of the procurement processes allow realistic, strategic measures and focused implementation.

This module supports the company in its resource planning, and therewith the deployment of manpower, material requirements, capital and time. The determination of these factors is supported by high flexibility. Thus changes can be efficiently matched and quickly adapted to new situations without the calculated costs being thrown out of focus.

AXAVIAseries is tailored specifically to the needs of the company. With its numerous functions for all business areas, it is characterized equally by a high customer focus.

The elements of the module

  • Customer and Supplier Database
  • Material Master with Price Lists
  • Order Management with Invoicing
  • Payments with EDIFACT Interface
  • Order Budget &Final Costing
  • Order & Delivery Tracking
  • Requisition
  • Batch and Serial Numbers
  • Inventory Management – Physical Inventory and Inventory Costing
  • Commissions & building site stock
Order Processing (AXAVIAorder)

With this module, an offer becomes an order within a few clicks.

A timely execution of customer orders decides the rate of reaction. How fast can the order be processed and implemented within the company? AXAVIAorder supports the user with easy to use tools. The business procedures are noticeably quickly adapted to new situations without causing additional costs. The consistent transparency and targeted control of the processes allow for the planning of strategic measures and the timely implementation of solutions.

The software solution can be exactly matched to the respective tasks. It offers numerous functions in all business areas and is characterized by high customer focus.

The elements of the module

  • Customer and Supplier Data
  • Order
  • Payment Plans & Project Liquidity
  • Procurement
  • Invoicing
  • Goods Deliveries
  • Transport Logistics
  • Order Tracking
  • Target vs. Actual Comparison and Final
  • Costing
  • Requisition
  • Engineering and Order Processing
Inventory Management (AXAVIAinventory)

The demands on the logistics grow almost daily. Only those who can meet the increasing demands of their customers remain in business.
With the logistics module, all functions for a modern inventory management are available. From the history of stock movements to the current storing position of the products – the Module knows the answers.

  • The recording of stock movements is guaranteed with a barcode system.
  • Batch and serial numbers provide a current tracking of the products.

Building site bearings are a special feature in plant construction. Additional convenient functions are available with the Warehouse management. Inventory lists facilitate the rapid carrying out of the physical inventory. Colli lists and shipping documents for transport support the transparent tracking even from the warehouse to the customer.

The elements of the module

  • Material Master Record
  • Warehouse Structure
  • Stock on Hand
  • Stock Valuation
  • Physical Inventory
  • Stock Movements
  • Batch and Serial Number
  • Minimum and Reorder Level
  • Barcode Support
Suitable Plugins
  • BMD (Accounting system)
  • DATEV (Accounting system)
  • SEPA (Money orders)