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ECM Software – Company- and Dataorganisation

Organization and data management are the core elements of any business. The better the standard topics are organized, the smoother the collaboration between the individual areas.

Organizational effectiveness is largely determined by the clarity of the internal processes – and this is in turn influenced by the clarity of data presentation. In this software solution, address data, date and employee data contain the same information as the contract and the improvement process. A knowledge base for all staff completes the comprehensive functionality. For many processes, this module serves as an essential basis and should be in every configuration.

The elements of the module

  • Address Management
  • E-mail
  • Appointment Book and Gantt Representation
  • Activities, Notes, News
  • Corporate Organization
  • Resources
  • Knowledge Database
  • Documentmanagement
  • Contracts
  • Improvement Process
  • Project and document storage
  • Full-text Search with OCR
  • Workflow and Revising
  • Set of Documents and Document Delivery Note
  • Digital Signature and Fingerprint
  • Integrated Viewer
  • Labeling Systems
  • CAD Integration
  • Working time model
  • Time stamp
  • Time Recording and Attendance
  • Travel and Expense Reporting
  • Time Recording via Barcode
  • Final Costing
Organizer (AXAVIAorganizer)

The quality of the organization determines the stability of a company in a dynamic market. The important role of the seemingly simple standard topics should therefore never be underestimated. Here they are clearly and easily collected, processed and presented.

The most successful companies are those with the lowest frictional losses in the collaboration. There is the basic data that decisively characterize the daily work: address data, appointments, contract knowledge and improvement knowledge.
This provides a quick information source and knowledge base for all eligible employees.

The elements of the module

  • Address Management
  • E-mail
  • Appointment Book
  • Activities, Notes, News
  • Corporate Organization
  • Resources
  • Knowledge Database
  • Contracts
  • Improvement Process
Knowledge Database

Structured filing of information from all areas of the company (organization, product information, subject-specific information, …) in combination with simple research tools makes the knowledge of the company available to all employees.

Your Benefits

  • Structured storage of information
  • Query over research tools
  • Knowledge is available to the entire organization
  • Special information for literature, advice, internet links, knowledge holders
  • Simple and rapid capture of information
  • Mind map representation for a structural overview
E-Mail Plug-Ins
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Lotus Notes
  • Groupwise

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